Americans with their atomic power, worthy of the Indian Vedas... Spanish with their expedition fleets, despised forever by the poor natives... Alexander with his “iron tunic”, which even the mighty Persian maces could not harm... All those atrocities, all that bloodbath… It all had to start from somewhere, on Turkish soil! It was all over now. Without anything to lose, people living in the secluded islands of Western Anatolia and the Levant started a destructive campaign against the Babylon of Two Rivers, Egypt of the Nile, Mycenaeans of the Ionian Islands and the Hittites of the Sun. People used to clash even before the concept of “civilization” was invented, but the clashes gained a whole new dimension after the first city-states in the Middle East were established...

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Designed by Sude Yıldırım
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